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Planning A Winter Golf Getaway Vacation in Sunny Arizona

Arizona has amazing weather this time of the year! If you’re feeling blue from cold weather, the state of AZ is ready to embrace you with warm weather, great local culture and cuisine and yes – golf!

Wigwam Championship Golf Course

Who doesn’t like golf? We know that we do! At the Wigwam in Arizona you can find a majestic, 18-hole tournament style golf course that is worth your time and effort. But before that – a bit of history! The Wigwam golf course was first established in 1920 at a time when large tournament golf courses were more typical. The Wigwam has a lot of real estate and it was a logical complement to the resort and hotel.

Known as the “jewel in the desert” the Wigwam golf course is one of the last (and largest) golf courses ever built for the pure enjoyment of the sport. People go here to experience true tournament golfing flair.

If you’re planning to visit the Wigwam Arizona, all you have to do is book at the Wigwam and ask for the “Tee It Up Golf Package.” This package is for folks who only have a day to stay at the Wigwam.

$300 for single occupancy, breakfast and unlimited, same-day play at the Wigwam golf course. If you are coming with a companion, just add $100 to the package and you will have unlimited use of the golf course for a day plus double occupancy at the hotel.

What about accommodations? You will be happy to know that the Wigwam doesn’t have standard rooms. The smallest room, the Adobe Traditional measures a stunning 480 square feet, featuring southwestern décor and the coziest ambiance you can imagine. Accomplished with full carpeting and the best furniture, you will feel right at home in Wigwam’s ‘basic’ rooms. You have an option to request a king-sized bed or two queen-sized beds.

If you are looking for a room with a terrace and patio, we recommend the Adobe Terrace. Adobe Terrace accommodations are cool yet cozy, with a view of the evergreen pathways and the tennis court.

The Wigwam also offers single-bedroom accommodations – the Adobe Traditional Suites. These suite-type accommodations are extremely spacious with thick carpeting and a working desk fit for a king. Adobe Traditional suites are located at the ground floor and are surrounded by beautiful local flora and cacti. Manicured grounds also make these astounding rooms a sight to behold.

Do you love swimming and golfing equally? The Adobe Pool Suite is the best option for you. These suites are closer to the swimming pools and are also closer to the restaurants, so you can grab a bite after a long, relaxing swim. If you’re staying for more than a day at the Wigwam, you may want to consider a Pool Suite so you can fully enjoy two classes of major amenities in one go.

And finally, we have the Adobe Casita Suite. These are the giants of the Wigwam as they measure a whopping 1000 square feet each. These are situated near the swimming pools, restaurants and there’s an indoor and outdoor lounge, too.

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